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tired, he lost his confidence, joy, inner peace. the song of the person who forgot to look at the sky, whose head fell forward with the weight of his thoughts, but could not focus on his thoughts. life flows, drags, distracts us in its own cycle, finds its own way anyway. "anyway, i can try anything it's the same circle that leads to nowhere and i'm tired now."


black doesn't mean white, it just means one color. indicates that a photograph or picture is created from or rotated to hues of a single color. yellow, blue, any color can be. monochrome is the name of the technique, an image made in this way is called monochromatic. the most widely known and used is grayscale known as black and white.


but don't be scared, i found a good job and i go to work everyday on my old bicyle you love, don't worry, i often go to dinners and parties, with some old friends who care for me, take me back home and stay choking song. what are you like this why do you say such things, why do you come to mind?


it is the most appropriate song to listen to after a loved one.


after a typical acceptance, when you stare at a point with your blank eyes and give your ears to this song, everything suddenly becomes more colorless when it was already black and white, the things that have become colorless start to fly around you, you start running among them or, as mentioned, downhill on the bike that was once loved. you let yourself go. everything goes away when the song is over, but you get tired, you're out of breath. at least you can thank the song for feeling these.


it gives people a strange peace and serenity while listening to it. that we love to tell about the moment we live. we are in limbo with our loved one, a veil in our eyes, we are somewhere in between. we're not even sure what we're saying goes to him. we are just happy because we love. this song could be sung much darker. indeed, you can show that film strip in black and white. maybe tomorrow tiersen wants; it was in-between. maybe dominique a's voice and comment made this happen. /respect


wonder which jinn had the mind of constructing such a sad song on such a beautiful dance melody?


yann tiersen song that can be listened to as a lullaby before going to bed...