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also, he is a master of red alert.


they are usurer capital owners who provide ready capital to potential investors through loans. that is, these are the period bankers who operate money capital as interest-bearing capital. in the ottoman case, the incident takes place as follows in the beginning; the tax collector absorbs the state, the tax collector absorbs the slaughterer, the money changer tax collector then the state becomes the weapon of cooperation between tax farmers, slaughterer and money changer and the working farmer layers are now tied to tribute. their mission is not to train quarters for circumcisions, it should not be said that they are money changers. (see: good work)


person who buys and sells precious stones and metals, gold, coins, banknotes, bonds.


the name given to the jeweler in balıkesir.


a mostly coptic city dweller who serves my tax collector. the money changer would come to the village at harvest time and evaluate the value of the crop. he was given a commission by the tax collector over the value he gave. appraisal of his time.


(see: şems-i tebrizi/@ibisile)


an extraordinary work, album, historical document, jewellery... whatever you want in the name of the money changer that will keep my eyes open if i die. the most beautiful images of my lesson, the conversations of their grandfathers, the songs of their lovers, their semahs, their cemleri, their munzuru, their eyes, their elders... the essence of the work; know the value of jewels, jewels should be in precious hands, not everyone who wants to take it... my father must have understood this advice very well that he left this jewel in my hands saying "you will love it".