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that's how i get angry at such things. you make your ad famous. you gather very important brands behind you. shape meetings, links, you put signatures. but you do not write commission rate on your site. how do you do business? how can you not write the only information i need, the only reason i entered your site? our vision is like a horseshoe, you wrote me don't know nebok. i do not care! it is not possible. come in, look, there are 8000 mobile payment startups in america. this is what it says as soon as you open the page. you wouldn't be a man.


moonshine frankly, the constant arrival of a new payment method rather than a single and reliable standard makes me hairy.


security questions: +who is your favorite friend? look at facebook and answer, of course it will cost + what is the first movie you watched? look at your age, write down the important movies released according to it + what is your favorite animal? it's either a cat or a dog. marginals say kangaroo, crocodile, zebra or something, rebels say spider, cockroach etc. those who want to be able to answer later on are probably irrelevant, they do not write anything that comes to mind at that moment.


the currency that steve jobs invented.


domestic paypal, whose revenue model is increasingly making money from "what someone else sells and buys". but it has not been able to make a breakthrough for months, it is progressing slower than expected.


(see: ipara)


a new site from gitgidiyor users. i think they will be a paypal-style payment technology company. i expect such things, be it mobiles, partnerships with gsm operators, cardless payments from atms. opened today. when you review it, the edit will come too. edit: i said user by mistake. he will be the founder o.