moment of inertia

moment of inertia

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(see strength)


the moment of inertia or moment of inertia is the inertia of a rotating body. example edit: i found out while looking for rims on the car


the hardest engineering topic to understand and explain


useless creature bustling with sub-average intelligence.


it's been two years, i keep texting. it turns out that he disappeared while i was going to blame the sour because my message is not going. where are you! is this your moment of inertia!


it is the subject of physics, which also has an aphorism among those who study engineering, "my inertia is from momentum". also (see: my nobility is due to my silence)


it can be called the power of the object to which any effect is applied, to say "put that hand down". the direction in which the force acts is important. as can be seen from the bh3/12 formula, height is 3 orders of magnitude more effective than width. to give a brief example, large glass, mirror, etc. while moving the parts, the plane is kept perpendicular to the ground, not parallel. considering that the material is uniform, if we call the wide, flat section held parallel to the ground approximately 1m, and the glass thickness 1cm: the moment of inertia will increase approximately 10,000 times as h will increase 100 times.


rifle and weapon systems etc. is a very important issue.

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