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if i'm not mistaken, after georgia and ukraine, it will be the 3rd country to go with an id. seen as one of the poorest countries in europe, the capital city of moldova (see chisinau). about 3.5 million people live. 135 thousand gagavuz folk songs live in the country. they adopted the christian religion. when armenians and russians declared war on azerbaijan in nagorno-karabakh in 1990, “russians were our religious brothers. but we chose to help our blood brother azerbaijan.” they made the explanation.


their chicks are like stones. who fucks gagavuz turks.


a country where women should never go. people get very depressed!


it is the country that is expected to sign a trade agreement with the eu on 29 november. interestingly, although it is one of the poorest countries in europe and russia's trojan horse, it is estimated that freedom of travel will be included in the agreement to be signed. thanks to our prime minister, we also abolished the visas with somalia.


if you leave aside the rent, you have a chance to achieve the same standard of living for a third of the wage you receive in istanbul. since the tax is very low, prices are very cheap especially for food and alcohol. it's been 3 months since i moved, but those who want to come can benefit from my experience.