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beşiktaş's new winger. he will not work because he is not 35 years old.


the actress who answered the call to come to beşiktaş on insta. first kono and then mohamed management probably feels the pulse.


konoplyanka does not sit well with me. nowhere did it fully meet expectations. one of those whose name is ahead of his performance. i don't think it can compensate for its cost in beşiktaş. elyounoussi would be a much better choice for us. i hope it comes.


these arabs make people racist, i swear, where is there a handicapped arab? as of now, when berg, who is trying to set up a game against our national team, shows the right place on the left where he should not be able to see this, he responds by saying "you throw it here too" and contrasts by pointing to the back, going and throwing the ball back from our original place. he's always after a bitch childhood and it doesn't suit the norwegian national team. shame on halaand and sorloth. better play odegaard or king on the left.


probably the other of the two bastards who got a premium. you are dishonest, you are giving the same answers to the same comments, one of you, at least, there is a match next week.


i know this man from when i coached the norway national team on football manager. he also has a relative with the same surname. i don't know if it's a brother or a relative. he didn't have a stable performance in fm17, sometimes he was in very good form, sometimes he played like hell. i do not recommend the transfer in the game, wait a few seasons, if it goes well, i say get it. ytd.


he is the gunner who responded to the "come to besiktas" comment of a beşiktaş fan. i don't remember watching this player, but according to the comments made, it will definitely be good for my crib. much younger than konoplyanka. why not? heart wants to take both elyounoussi and konoplyanka and send one of the quaresma or lens duo, but we'll see what happens.


norwegian football player who can play in celtic and may be dangerous for the country. need attention.