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no one should interfere, it happened in every sense. sony is behind them, the underground is a beautiful soul, but of course it has its limits. the important thing is to protect that spirit when possible. musically and visually, they have signed a wonderful song and clip. i'm following you with interest.


evren besta's twitter: "where are you brother?" the group that i find it difficult to get together again after answering the question "i am still here". orsin hey douglas at the university spring festivities, youth festivals, dressed in shile cloth, this man is still waiting to make music in that underground environment in ankara, my liver is burning i swear.


there hasn't been a clip like the one shot by these guys in the country yet. (bkz: fake) video site/watch?v=gaic3ehjzpu


when i listened to rap music for the first time in my life, the sound coming from the headphones belonged to these men. when i saw the men in gezi park, i was shocked, but unfortunately i could not take a picture (if i catch it on a platform outside the gezi park, i will take that picture). we beat people in the streets because they cursed you. no one knows this; basemode- bo bo boom


the rap legend whose clip was published as modexl vevo. if there are touchstones such as cartel and punishment in the rap, one of them is mode xl. (bkz: it's awesome) video site/watch?v=hdb9rgk2gn4 i think the only missing part is what should be. a duet with saian on their new album.


my king is literally the bomb. it smells like fake professionalism. he's skimming the elements with amateur aerial body stealing. the diss they threw at sagopa kajmer is simply legendary.


the group from ankara/batikent consisting of two mcs named yasin and evren. they also produce very solid beats.


"looks like a mythology mafia but son of zeus is also a punk"