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could never understand what he was doing, neither in the title of the booklet, nor in the videos on video site. they kept telling everywhere; i won like this, i won like this, it happened like this. but what's the job? i have no idea. i think that i will go to the website soon and enter the first tangible information about this business in eksorözlük and social media. once you understand what you're doing.


a company with an interesting story, founded by aykut karaalioğlu, whose interview i just watched with cüneyt Özdemir.


although i have watched three interviews of aykut karaalioğlu, i still can't understand what he is doing, i don't understand why he has to talk like that all the time. there is a video of three hours of talk, but the company does not say exactly what it is doing. very interesting.


the idea is good but the ceo needs to take a reputation management course


don't have the slightest quarrel with the founder of the company. i don't even know. if many companies such as ebay have shown interest, their products are probably also useful. i have no problem with them. i draw attention to an ethical issue here. i object to the internalization of the lie so easily.


company that actually sells shovels. guys sell shovels to app stores a lot.


it's an analytics company as i understand it. filled the gap with a good idea and succeeded.


the company i work for. provides data on app store optimization. in summary, it shows you the performance of your mobile application and provides information on what changes you can make. currently, 3 companies are pioneers in aso. sensortower, app annie and mobile action. mobile action claims to be "best aso tool".