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miss your ex

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"those who live at a crossroads wonder about each other's paths." said murathan mungan. (bkz: but are you in good health?)


longing* that a poet handles in different dimensions: why do people miss their old love? because a person misses himself the most, that happy state...


it's a shitty event. while walking on the road, something reminded you of it, your good times come to mind, you miss it for a few seconds. the important thing is to be in control in these seconds and not to make the mistake of calling or texting, to show willpower.


it's the strange, intermittent pain of a small but sharp needle felt deep inside your heart.


you smile when you think of a beautiful memory spent with him. when that longing is about to occur, you think of the stake he threw at you. your face becomes old. you continue on your way.


if he is missed even when there is someone else, it's the event that makes you say 'i'm glad i lived with him'... more than a lover, it's now a family then and it's always there somewhere... edit that came after years: i've been ridiculous.