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botox, lip fillers, teeth built, nose structured, eyebrows built. god knows what else there is anyway... if it's beautiful, it's definitely not natural.


she is one of the three sexiest women on the television. i also think he is a good player. (bkz: tell me about love)


former freedom writer, who is also thought to be an artisan after shooting a rare film called büşra. no, we believe that everyone who does business in my country's media should do everything (see: i can do anything, bro) but believe me, that is not the case. the cute enamel sword, a former freedom writer (which i know very well, i saw it with my own eyes. we work together so much) and the actress are completely different people. i thought i'd wake you up.


her own beautiful actress with mediocre acting.


it is not known whether it is from excitement or from its natural state, but it has a very antipathetic atmosphere. i guess his sense of fame hit him and he tended to indulge because of it. if he behaves like that on the screen because of excitement, there is no problem, but if he is like that in daily life, it is unbearable. (see büşra)


for those who remember with büşra; http://prntscr.com/7u3a6d http://prntscr.com/7u39tt http://prntscr.com/7u3a0n


a very successful actress who made me say "what kind of eye is this", "what a beauty is this" the moment i saw her in the series "tell me about love".


mine kılıç, who plays in the fox's penance series, is a very beautiful woman, mashallah. a european beauty.