mimi wo sumaseba

mimi wo sumaseba

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if you be patient and watch the closing part, you can see the boy he likes with shizuke's friend together.


story that could be true is told so sweet, so pure, so fairy tale that it became an anime that still makes me believe in fairy tales at my age..


hayao miyazaki's work is also appreciated and admired because it tells about girls through the characters who love art and their environment, love animals, chase their dreams despite all their emotional turmoil, and listen to their hearts. let miyazaki write the fate of girls from now on.


it is a sweet and sweet anime that i just finished. what i like most is that papers and books come out of every corner of the tsukishima family's house. the father is already a librarian, the mother is a graduate student, the older sister is a university student. the tiny house is full of books, notebooks and pens, the mother is constantly writing something on the computer and so on... the movie is perfect for instilling a love of reading in young children.


if you spent your childhood in libraries, if you grew up wondering who bought and read each book you bought there before you, if you have looked at the records on the cover of the book and examined the names, it is an anime you should definitely watch.


follow me sir. watch alone if possible.


a delicious anime as if saying "love starts with knowing yourself and you"..


when it is watched suddenly without any planning and knowing nothing about it, it gives hope and something like peace.