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the definition of youth after the 90s. after the nirvana youth in the 90's, a youth who has nothing left to fight for, whose comfort and order has sunk into himself, who has passed out from all the stressful life of capitalism, who cannot be molded, a little bit of this, a little of that and full of contrasts; we.


mixed generation. most simply, they have the ability to research both from the encyclopedia and from the internet. they played both marbles and angry birds. they also embrace modernity, and they do the nostalgia thing well. edit: there are also those who play with both amiga and ps3.


the features of easy access to information have improved the features of not following anyone. but what they think of as knowledge is often superficial. their impatience prevents them from concentrating. they want everything ready. because consumption culture draws the frame.


it is the name given to the generation after 80. its features are as follows; they actively use the internet. most of them are members of at least one of the dating sites. they reach information instantly and from its source. they don't make long-term plans. they tend to consume rather than produce. they do not stay in the same workplace for long. they change jobs and positions frequently. they have a lot of self-confidence and make themselves accepted. -they want to be adapted rather than adapted.

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