military anthem

military anthem

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it is arguably the world's greatest military anthem.


as i listen to it, my national feelings rise, i feel like a turk is worth the world. especially when i was abroad, it was the marsti that i got the most gas. did we just make the streets of europe moan..heyt beahh..


when you say this all in one mouth, one feels different. goosebumps. i personally think it is more beautiful than the national anthem.


as the anafartalar battalion comes out of the inner garden to the celal dora ceremony area, the feeling it gives as the martyrs gate echoes from its marble columns is completely different. or the sakarya battalion as they pass through the dean's office on the way to the ceremony. it is useless to expect a non-cadet person to understand.


we are descendants of a race that creates lightning


the super march that caused people to jump up and start singing when the marching band played their first notes in the celebration held in selimiye barracks for the 125th anniversary of atatürk's birth. the most musical memory of military children.