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he added a photo on instagram with his t-shirt that reads istanbul, so he came. and i think it's gay for sure


after yesterday's episode i have to say that if i was in that high school and his age, i wouldn't have dated anyone but this kid. i just came from stalking i'm ashamed like the owner of the title.


13 reasons why's alex standall. he was 94. i would like to state again that he is 94 because it is a bit embarrassing for me. when i look at the out-of-series photos from google images, instagram, etc., i instantly feel cold, my love ends. i was very upset when i saw the mustache of the bagel shop in the instagram photos. i can't understand how platinum hair suits a man so well. are you cute my sister? i keep watching teen teenage videos. 13 reasons why, you ruined my life... wasted youth.


in my opinion, 13 reasons why he is the most handsome man. her air, her style, her hair in the show made me fascinated. he may even be the person who fits the piercing the most. of course, what i counted only applies to the series. when i look at his instagram, i see the straightest person in the world. if i lived in the series universe, i would have made this kid myself and never let go. we used to listen to joy division together and go into mental depression.


charisma tiny. i love her dialogues on 13 reasons why

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