migros selling iphone 11 for 5 thousand 999 tl

migros selling iphone 11 for 5 thousand 999 tl

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i hope the friend who says "don't slander the staff" lives in denmark, that's why he's so optimistic. otherwise, these people have siblings, friends, etc. that they can buy in their name instead of buying in their own name. you have to be pretty naive not to think that it is.


apple the country is guaranteed, migros stated under the instagram post. the purpose here is the advertisement to be made thanks to those iphone phones.


my two relatives are migros staff. one is the assistant manager of the non-food division. he looks directly at technological things. i asked them and got the answer "forbidden to staff". so please think twice before slandering people. edit: let me clarify one more thing. migros personnel are not even allowed to "reserve" these products for their relatives or another person. you go in the morning and get pasha pasha like everyone else.


the title is wrong. in fact, migros personnel will have an iphone 11 for 5999 tl.


even if you're on an iphone 11, you'll be passed out of the case. that's life...


will we pay for the bag too? he's the one that got me thinking.


they wrote november 26-29, la... november 26, between 10:00-10:01 o.


migros's refusal to put it on the table against the brands that make overlays under the name of discount. they will sell the 7300 tl iphone 11 for 5999 tl. this is what the real black friday looks like. https://www.instagram.com/…pod/?igshid=t74sv5t2opp4 https://m.donanimhaber.com/…k-iste-detaylar--116278 i hope the devices really reach the end user. traders stay away.