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it is a full price performance product, even though i use it constantly since i own it, its charge and sound performance have not dropped even a click. the bass is very nice and the battery life up to +10 hours is a really useful product. there is only this shortcoming; when it is connected to the pc via usb, it does not get the sound from there, you have to connect it via bluetooth, which is a disadvantage of course.


it is a device that draws 13w even though it shows 10w and shows its quality with scratches after a while. the last output resistance is 5k on it, but it turns out to be around 2k when it is inserted and measured. the firm must have used chinese financial products.*


think it's garbage when there is a tribit xsound go for a slightly higher price...


it is a p/f product that will be released in plus version on june 2, 2020. for my views on the product i received before it went on sale... (see: mifa a10 plus)


the product that is frequently mentioned in the hardwarenews forum. i bought it a few months ago, it's really successful. it goes on sale from time to time on aliexpress. it is a little more discounted in the mobile application.. https://tr.aliexpress.com/…-stereo/32830972033.html


(see mifa)


(see: mifa f10)


the monster i bought at 11.11 for 117 liras. sounds very clean.

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