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the movie used to measure the intelligence level of foreigners: the first question he asked as soon as he learned that he was a turk was "have you seen the midnight express?" if it happens, it's naughty... there are also some breeds who do not come to the country because they are afraid that someone will put drugs in their pockets at the customs and have them caught.


if a film were made about the journalist who accidentally fell from a one-meter wall at the police station 14 times in a row, or the student who committed suicide with a 0.5 cm diameter shoelace and fell on the ground with bruises in dozens of places (which are completely real, unlike the midnight express), no american or european would believe it. no, camel, what else? he would say. in this case, our the charisma and our name against the world would not be bad.


movie written by two fanatical armenian hiyars. even the person shown as the hero of the movie has said that he has never experienced such things.


the name of a hotel that i saw around sultanahmet, which aims to serve tourists. i don't know what sane hotel you would name like that and then wait for the tourists to come.


i think the main problem was that the movie made all the turks look bad. of course, there is good and bad everywhere. but aren't there any good people in our country? and most importantly, it is insulting to everyone in our country. at the end of the movie, he can shake his hand and get out of the prison. if it was so easy, why did he endure so much torment? i also blame the director of the film, there are values that should not be spent for the sake of money. no one has the right to humiliate a nation collectively, it should be remembered: he who sows the wind reaps the storm.