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micro-study needs to have some fun, or this course will drive you nuts. it was long term, it was short term, it was industry, it was a monopoly, packaging would be that head. i tried to work as if i was presenting the last news, it was very good. i searched for a few experts to attend my program by phone, but i could not find them. i hope the next program.. when i wrote it like that, i felt like i was the one who went crazy, but anyway, that's it..


thanks to this course, we learn how to eat the money you hit when you say it was an arbitrage, it was an exchange rate, thanks to macroeconomics. maximizing what is called utility is very important. i think we are learning to be rich in macro economics class and to be happy in micro economics class (hey, i exploded an aphorism) (see final term entries)


- now our man earned so much in the 1st period, he was about to die in the 2nd period, he spent all of it.. let's see, guys, how much money does this man give before he dies? - the man is dying!!


it is the course i stayed for a year because i forgot to put 0 in the origin in the graphic question and got 0 from the 40-point question..


it was a class that we took in the first year we started the faculty in the consistency of mini-mini-births, and when we saw the first supply and demand curve, we had fun saying, "okay, we solved the economics issue, pilgrim, it's easy, ahhhh". and the cobweb theorem stuck in my mind with the fact that the irish reduced their potato consumption as their income increased (see giffen paradox)...


the most useless lesson in the world.


definition: the science told by classical economists. for keynesian economics (see: macroeconomics) to talk about kpss style exams; for those without a foundation; highly knowledgeable - microeconomics. for those who have a foundation and do not want to be forced; olive religions - microeconomics. to complete the work radically; erdal unsal - micro economics ( ohhh yeahhh baby )