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although i found the best places to have it done, luckily i did not have it done, which is a problem in the long run. the reason i found the best places to get it done is at the request of a few relatives who know how obsessed i am with these jobs. i took them 2 times. even the best ones change color over time. you don't have a muscle transplant, my friend, you're scratching a muscle with paint. look how many top models are there, if there are no arabs, russians and turks.


it is the process of drawing eyebrows in the sentence "... if i draw eyebrows, it will be more beautiful than you". partially tattooed, temporary and needs to be renewed periodically.


i'm not normally one to comment on anyone's appearance. however, please don't do this thing that makes even the most beautiful woman ugly and makes you all look like they came out of the same lathe. meanwhile; i've been seeing this fashion in most women in recent years, but i learned its name for the first time today thanks to my sister's having it done. as i said the same things to him, i write here with peace of mind.*


indispensable for the iranian crowd. they do all the same but.


when you have this application done in places that use 100 lira paint, you can have orange eyebrows over time. it is best to contact a certified phibrows artist.


type of permanent eyebrow makeup that is technically very similar to a tattoo, which is very popular with religious (or i don't know if it would be more correct to say religious) female friends who say "oh, but it's a sin to have a tattoo, and ablution is not passed" :)

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