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the active ingredient of the drug, which can be addictive, whose effect is more like cocaine than amphetamine, which causes euphoria in high doses, which can only be given with a red prescription, which is used in diseases such as hyperactivity, narcolepsy and hypersomnia.


while its oral form is not addictive, its nasal and intravenous intake is addictive, that is, the fear of families being addicted to this drug is sold with a red prescription. if you follow up regularly, it is an unfounded fear. also, if this drug is not used, attention deficit hyperactivity children will become addicted to any substance in adolescence and later in life. the risk is increasing.


serum concentration reaches its maximum level in about 2 hours, if it has a controlled release formulation, this time increases to 4.5-5 hours. the duration of action is between 3-6 hours when normal tablets are used, and it can take up to 8 hours when controlled release is used.


active ingredient of adhd drugs such as concerta and ritalin. it belongs to the class of amphetamines, but its effect on the brain is similar to cocaine. edit: when used for 6 months or more, the immune threshold increases, so at the end of each month, it will be more beneficial to take a break for 1 week and use it.


it is a more potent dopamine reuptake inhibitor than cocaine, and although it maintains a greater amount of dopamine in the synaptic cleft, it is less likely to abuse and abuse than cocaine. this is because it enters the brain more slowly than cocaine and can increase dopamine levels as quickly as cocaine.