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he scored 10 on the last shot while he was behind by 9 margins. normally, a the athlete would score 8 and be eliminated. this kid has the gene for winner that our athletes don't usually have. edit: good luck you earned your first gold.


i guess no one wrote it, our first gold medal in olympic history excluding fighting sports..


when i realized that he stuttered like me in his interview, i warmed up to the boy. for those who don't know, we stutterers try to say that word by moving our hands when we can't say some words. sometimes we're out of breath until we say it. such movements are a kind of tic caused by stuttering.


while his opponent had the cool archer goggles, he had the nerd student goggles. despite this, he eliminated the rounded frenchman .


"when my son and i were shooting in the garden, we were both our favorite archers. he was me and i was mete gazoz" - legolas