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"ask me for my saddle and i will give it, ask for my horse and i will give it, ask for my tent, but i will not give it to anyone from my homeland, even if it doesn't want a piece of land." he said, put the point to the event.


entry, which is the most retarded example of the understanding that if someone is good, they are not the


what made him a great emperor is his words: "while shooting arrows in the garden of my house with my son, we would both be our favorite archers. i would be my son, and i would be my father teoman."


think our habits such as slurring and ready-made answers come from this brother. he also gave the first setting of history himself. rumor has it that; mete han faced the chinese army. he goes to a hill with his vizier to watch the surroundings, and he sees that the the army stands like a handful of ants against the chinese army, thinking that the vizier will retreat, he asks mete: what do you think, sir? mete khan turned to his vizier: where am i going to bury so many chinese? he replies.


i don't know if he is mongolian; but when he died, yossi kohen, who took his place, is israeli.

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