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the description that the new generation religious people do not like to be used for religions. i guess when you say that, it looks like a fantasy or something. he's going hard. what would it be?


its main purpose is to investigate the real nature and existence of "things".. but what philosophers call this thing is of course humble things like the world, self and god in general..


it is said that aristotle tells his student to place his books (dusting, naming, numbering, arranging, etc.), but there is only one book on which he does not write a name (a kind of notebook). his student does not know what to write and because he stands behind the one named physics, he writes a name like beyond the physics book (metaphysics) in the sense of "behind". and it stays that way.. maybe it's true, maybe it's a nice story. but it makes you smile..


there is a famous quote by friedrich nietzsche on the subject: "all initial problems are metaphysical."


i. supernatural, incomprehensible to the senses. ii. philosophy that deals with beings that cannot be grasped by the senses. iii. philosophy that investigates and examines the knowledge provided by reason and intuition, and reflects on the divine essence.


physics = aircraft meta = fart


the easiest way to explain things. an excuse to hide