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as it can be understood from the san francisco concert they gave yesterday, they are the group that can perform like animals for 2.5 hours by pouring out in 2016. go listen to kanye west, justin bieber or something.


it is a group whose name you can use in the same sentence with groups such as led zeppelin, pink floyd or black sabbath. metallica is just as legendary as led zeppelin, pink floyd or black sabbath. i also used it in the same sentence. don't listen, don't love, i understand, but god will strike you, my child. to refer to metallica as one lower step; it's like calling maradona a quality football player at a lower level than messi and ronaldo. i'm sorry, but it looks funny, some of your observations on the theme of i am marginal.


let's see who's listening other than uncles and aunts. video site/watch?v=ax8ucjueiay let's have a look at it if you want. at the foo fighters concert, dave grohl takes a kid on stage and guess what the kid is playing? video site/watch?v=s-nkvcjiqpo metallica is a band that has influenced and continues to influence everyone from 7 to 70.


it's 1994, i was 16 years old. there would be discussions of extreme metal teenagers who always talk about metallica - you guys who eat metallica's balls. 2014, age was 36, it's still there. i think it will still be in my old age. the only thing that does not change is the metalsmiths themselves.


take a long-haired friend dressed in black to a remote village in anatolia. those who saw it first joked "hehehe has hair like a wife" and then "are you a metallurgist?" he will ask. those who ask that question don't know the beatles, they don't know rush or anything.