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if i use adblocker, i cannot enter, it says so at the entrance of the site. so what did i do? i laughed with my ass and closed the site :d as if you are the only game site in the whole internet world.


used to follow them on facebook and often clicked on their links. i clicked it again today, the page suddenly turned white and i came across an article like "shame on the sites that create content using ad block....". i closed the tab, disliked it on facebook and another site ended like this for me.


the site that says "you will see our fuck-up ads, or there is no access to the site". is it just your news, folks, when there are so many sites out there? long live adblock.


it is a self-contained site. if you are using adblock (that is, you want to benefit from the blessings of technology freely without ads), you cannot enter this site. the bearded owner will turn around, but it's too late. with the game fair leg, i think he will go abroad less now. pasha, thanks to us, you are eating bread, thanks to us, you are enjoying your holidays abroad. (bkz: bumping a man without a genie)


he gave bad settings to sites that copy and paste their content.…=opera and ie=utf-8 and oe=utf-8


i removed adblock to serve me better. now 3 russians came to the house. i think merlin sent it. otherwise there seems to be no reason for him to ask me to remove adblock. it's 2016, so grow up. greedy bastards. anyway, i already entered because of the link your friend gave, i saw this, i won't enter any more.


the problem is not that they don't want to use adblock. but they put it in our eyes like this and "yassah fellow!" mode has made me and many gamers like me lose completely. is there no alternative? good luck.

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