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in the "civil servants law" numbered 657, it is defined as follows: "to base entry into state public service positions, advancement and promotion in classes, termination of duty on the merit system, and to ensure that civil servants have security in the application of this system with equal opportunities."


in underdeveloped societies it is directly proportional to flattery


adjective showing that someone deserves a job


it is something that right-wing politics, the community and the akp attach great importance to. there is a lot of evidence of this, especially the password scandal, theft of questions. if they didn't care about merit, they would put cattle who had no talent and were not suitable for the job just because they were supporters; am i right?


as a bonus, we bring to mind the proverb of our ancestors "will a man become a pilgrim by arriving in mecca; a donkey becomes a saint by pulling a stone to a lodge" as a bonus.


(see: yök's request for the resignation of 1577 rectors and deans) (see: dismissal of 15 thousand personnel in the ministry of national education) (see: hsyk's suspension of 2745 judges and prosecutors) (see: cancellation of licenses of 21 thousand teachers) (see : july 18, 2016 suspension of 7 thousand 850 police officers) (see: the number of officers suspended after july 15, 2016) more to come... there are two questions; how did they get there?... who will replace them?


ing, merit is the state of being worthy of something.

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