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they claim on their site that they have solved the problem of children who have problems with mathematics. this is nice.. the interviewer repeats every five minutes: these kids who will love math all their lives, this method that will affect their whole lives, *... these people seem like they can't understand the difference between math and counting (see arithmetic). the system, which i think does not contribute much to understanding and explaining the logic of mathematics, frankly.


it's an event that's been spreading and crazy money is spinning. quick-witted will hit the voli. frankly, i'm thinking of turning my house into a workplace.


passed everything, i got stuck in the mental part of it. arithmetic is something that can be done mentally. have you ever seen self-collecting, subtracting, etc. figures in nature? no; because both numbers and arithmetic are products of human intelligence. it can't be such a meaningless phrase.


i learned later that it was what the brats i saw at the acurun talent contest did. i leave aside that it's not a skill, it's a taught method, it's the method i'm against because it makes the pedophile look like a crazy person sitting on a stone in the neighborhood.

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