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mental record

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although it is counted among the cases of incompatibility between the will and the declaration in the the code of obligations, it has been ruled that the person making the mental record is bound by the contract he has made. it is the declaration of an element different from the will of the person in terms of content, but the contract is valid because it is viewed in the light of the theory of declaration.


it is the situation where the will of the declarant and his declaration are not compatible with each other. the declarant knowingly and voluntarily makes a declaration different from his real will. unlike the joke, the statement here is serious. although it is based on error in jokes, it cannot be tolerated in mental recording. in this case, the theory of trust is suspected. if it is known that the other party is lying, the contract is not formed. amiyane (see lie)


the term describing that the legal order focuses only on the outer declaration of will, without considering your inner inferiority complex or arrogance.


to vouch for a friend reluctantly*.


person knowingly and willingly making a statement that is inconsistent with his original will.


knowingly making a statement that someone does not desire.


(see: lie)