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he was a perforated speaker on trt. he gives useful information about diction on his video site channel. for example, the virtues of using the right tone of voice, ways to get rid of lisp and so on. for example, the u-iks case was interesting. it can be done easily by all crazy people in society, as well as normal people in more secluded places. take it easy.


some women's "oh i'm so beautiful" mentality embodied in men with the voice function.


diction instructor who has embarked on a new concept on video site. i think he forgot to make gestures and mimics from focusing on diction, or he thinks that looking at his guest without facial expression is a cool attitude. it bothered me that he watched his guest with a dull face.


the second person i will call mennan in my life, i want to erase the first* from my mind as i see this man... diction, stance, character are number ten, of course, as far as it reflects us. by the way, i love how he turns songs into poetry.


his style is very nice. you don't get bored with your videos. more importantly, i appreciate him for producing useful content. i hope it continues like this.