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this woman had already made it clear that she was such a person when she was shouting at those who did not want the syrians. this rich team lives in the most isolated places and they do not come into contact with the syrians in their daily lives. he did the same. he gave advice to the nation and did not apply it.


literally a scumbag human being. he is someone you would run away from and avoid meeting, even if we met in person rather than on social media. what does it mean to say "i haven't been on vacation for 3 years" to the critics when he says big big words and says "don't take a vacation for 1 year" and takes a vacation himself? maybe we don't either? this is truly an incredible example of stupidity. it is an outstanding achievement to think of himself as such a blessing and to cost so much.


ahahahah and he tried to defend himself, i exploded there. i have a humble recommendation for him. if you have an idea that you will change in a few months, do not explain it. let's say you explained it, don't act the other way around. let's pretend you behaved, don't show it to people. let's say you showed me shahsjdjjdjdlldlskslak. you think you can do whatever you want because of the environment you live in. it's not like that. you are also publishing. each of us sees who is what.


an example of a person who has strange and unrealistic dreams such as "ajda should not wear a mini skirt, her legs should be thick", "let the age limit be 35 for mini skirts", and those who are given a pen in every hand think they are an expert in every subject and make lots of bullshit.


the cornerman who forgets himself while knocking everyone down. ripiit is aftır mi melis, margherita with pizza, margarita with cocktail. you can do it, let's see!


there is such a thing as conjuncture, my friends. journalists who appear to be oppositional but are essentially opportunists know how to adapt to this so-called conjuncture. those were the days when fetönü was able, the date he tweeted. he also tweeted this with the "i'm ready to be used" alt text. i find it normal. i'm laughing at the philistines who try to create dissent from these kind of people i

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