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graduated from bogazici university, department of chemical engineering, even wrote his work, ah, this life is unbearable* for this department, and even an amazing composer who went bald even in the yearbook. yes brother melih, it is not filmed as you said.


the composer, who has created a unique style by frequently using clunky rhythms such as 5/8, 8/8, 9/8 in his compositions. the storm inside me is from erol evgin, his best known works are the storm inside me, that's it, if you don't have love, ask me, don't act, everything is fine with you from zerrin ozer, i love you, eurovision song contest signal music shepherd star, eurovision conqueror halley, hababam class soundtrack..


in an interview with mustafa sandal, he talked about the man who made the music's mona lisa for the composition of the hababam class of melihkind. i say this is the most beautiful comment that can be made for a music and a composer. he discovered the texture of music himself, which cheers up when played fast, excites and saddens when played slowly.


the person who sang the summer gardens of my childhood with his music, who has done something like this. the composer of the songs that made me intend to become a singer. the reason for the tears flowing from my eyes right now. rest in peace, may they rest in peace...


great artist. very big. his love for Çiğdem is another magic that will never be seen in the world they have created. i hope he found his crocus wherever he went. great loves don't die after all.


the person who wrote the most well-known melody in the country after the 'İstiklal marşı'. (see: hababam class)


he said "songs are innkeepers singers are passengers".