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http://video site/watch?v=5hj_dbdc90o how i laughed at night but


reminds me of this song; http://video site/watch?v=jztjcop6buy megri megri, mogru mogru.. megri muğrü but still mogru...


kind of kurdish lament. the highly anticipated(!) duet of the year could not be performed by two known persons. they made a diet instead of a duet, these are the art diets! i think these lines were written for today; 'hey art thief, hey production constipation! be a little master, let go of that instrument!' but they are enlarging this şiwan, the man is the wedding singer you know. all their tunes are the same, has anyone heard anything other than caney caney?


this is the song that comes to mind when i see the hashtag #terörnhamisichp. kemal kılıçdaroğlu's applause for this song at a rally confirms this hashtag. yes, because everyone who remembers that rally knows that the prime minister of the time, kemal kılıçdaroğlu, gave a standing ovation to the performance of İbrahim tatlıses and Şivan perver. yes, that's exactly how it happened.


crying masterpiece. i can't help but say "megri megri" even though i curse my life all the time on my way to work in the morning. what was it like? you messed up my setting but megris!


i came across it in the morning. the explanation of [] is different and interesting "you will get enough of megri megri. migraine is free for those who spend ten hours.''



(see: negri negri) (see: negri bodies)