mechatronic engineering

mechatronic engineering

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since engineering is mostly learned in the field, it is a promising department even if it is not a good university. the only thing needed with sufficient mathematics and sufficient curiosity is to love your job in this profession.


it is a profession that i graduated with a degree and did not do. as for the reason. when i started to study, they were talking about the profession of the future. the other day, about 10 years after the above event, i saw on a poster on the wall: "mechatronics engineering is the profession of the future..." thank you the country, thank you my government for placing irrelevant supporters at the head of scientific institutions. i'm sorry but this future of yours doesn't have much future.


i hope it's the mother fuck episode of optimus prime. i hate autobots. so if you read well, always graduate with 4.00, right? the slogan is "autobots, bend over!" should be.


the engineering discipline, which is the profession of the future when we enter the university, and which is still called the profession of the future after graduation (see: the future will come one day), it is so disciplined that it includes a ton of disciplines.


(see: brother, we will create voltran of emergency)


engineering that will be difficult to explain, especially in dialogues with older people. it's best to say "something like mechanical engineering" and pass it off.


in terms of the situation that graduates will drop: (see #9713771)


(see: star technical university mechatronics engineering)