mechanical recovery

mechanical recovery

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an unsuccessful director, a mediocre action movie. although jason statham and tommy lee jones do their best, it cannot cease to be a classic hollywood movie. also, the distributor company in the country distributed it with the problem of the characters in the subtitles, so i would like to inform those who will go.


the movie where the potential adrenaline level can be reached inexpensively by freezing the trailer for 99 minutes.


it's a movie that features a pajama-eared uncle tommy lee jones saying "i'm a cliché but i have the surprise".


made in response to the quality of the first movie.


cliché porn, zero fiction. words that cannot start with the letter i.


it's not even a snack movie. i'm a big fan of our brother jason, but it's unwatchable even for him. clichéception, you see a cliché within a cliché in the movie. it starts off like a themed porn. with the body shows of jessica alba and jason statham. my 8-year-old cousin can write the next one as a screenplay. don't even watch it at home.


action-packed but silly movie. i am satisfied.


it is a sequel to the 2011 movie the mechanic. the film, whose shooting has ended and is expected to be released in 2016, also features jessica alba and tommy lee jones, as well as jason statham, as in the first production. the movie will be directed this time by dennis gansel.