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amazing game!! in "bribe the politician, the paramedic..etc..!" there are options.. from cutting the cows to slaughtering the forest so that we can raise more cattle so that we can earn more money.. realistic and fantastic.. "i instantly fell in love with a big mac" - new york times, 2006


it is a game that makes people give the biggest setting to themselves. because after some point in all those references, you realize that you are trying to get more efficiency and earn more money no matter what. this briefly summarizes capitalism and mcdonalds philosophy anyway.


it is the game that i endure until 2084, get bored and close it. there was something like this towards the end. judging by the snow trend, i can say that this is stability.


if you don't listen to the people in the office section saying "growing is not sufficient", it's a game where you can get things on track very well. they say the same things when there is a lot of money in the world and working at full capacity. in this game, you can take over the world as long as you react to the changes immediately and don't overdo the fagot.


simulation that allows you to manage mcdonalds, the aim of which is to make a profit, and for this, every way is permissible. it's a cool but difficult game, probably made by an environmental group. (see:


android version is the game i'm looking for.


friends, i wrapped it so bad, it suddenly came to my mind from the dirty rusty files of my subconscious. i can't close the game right now, but i congratulate this giant brand that makes both the hamburger and the game addictive, and i expect people who can pass 2006 to green my message box