may 28 2022 real madrid liverpool champions league final

may 28 2022 real madrid liverpool champions league final

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champions league final to be played on 28 may 2022. both teams are * * among the most successful clubs in the history of the champions league and have met each other many times (two of them in the final).

some pre-match trivia info:

champions league history

he has played 16 finals in real madrid (see: champions league) and has 13 championships. it can be said that it is clearly the most successful team in the history of the champions league.

on the other hand, it can be shown as the fourth best team in the history of the champions league with 6 championships in 9 finals (7 championships in 11 finals, 6 championships in 11 finals).

real madrid's last championship came in 2018 with a 3-1 score against liverpool in the final.
(see )

liverpool's last title came in 2019 with a 2-0 win over them.
(see )

while the last final that liverpool lost in the champions league was against real madrid with the 2018 final written above, the last final that real madrid lost in the cup was against liverpool in 1981. coincidentally, liverpool won 1-0 in this match, which was played in paris in the 1981 final.
(see )


real madrid and liverpool do not have any other pairings. they have victories against each other once, as liverpool in 1981 and real madrid in 2018.

apart from the finals, there were three more matches (six games in total) in the champions league. liverpool won both games in the last 16 in 2009 (1-0, 4-0). they came together in the group stage in 2014, real madrid won both games (3-0, 1-0). in 2021, liverpool eliminated real madrid 3-1 and 0-0 in the quarter-finals.

liverpool went to penalties twice in the champions league finals, winning both (1984 and 2005). real madrid, on the other hand, went to penalties once and won (2016). (thanks to @alexsouza and @amon goethe for the correction)

liverpool came from 3-0 behind against carlo ancelotti's milan in the 2005 finals in istanbul, took the match to overtime with a 3-3 draw and won on penalties. against this, carlo ancelotti's milan managed to win the cup, this time by defeating liverpool in the final in athens in 2007.

real madrid manager has won the champions league three times (two milan 2003, 2007, one real madrid 2014).

one of three coaches to win the trophy three times (the others being liverpool legend and three times winners of the trophy in 1977, 78 and 81 with real madrid and three times as manager in 2016, 17, 18). if he wins this final he will be the first coach to win the trophy four times.

ancelotti is also one of the five coaches to win the trophy with two different clubs. ancelotti is one of the seven names to win the trophy both as a football player and as a coach.

liverpool have 16 wins, three draws and one loss in their last 20 official matches. undefeated in their last 18 official matches.

real madrid have 13 wins, two draws and five losses in their last 20 official matches.

in the playoffs after the group stage (last 16, quarter-finals, semi-finals)

liverpool scored 13 goals and conceded 7 goals, with four wins, one draw and one loss. liverpool scored 10 goals in the second half.

real madrid, on the other hand, had three wins and three losses in the same period. he scored 12 goals and conceded 11 goals. 9 goals came in the second half. went to two laps overtime. he passed the round by scoring a goal in both overtimes without conceding a goal.


the matches of both teams are multi-position and with plenty of goals. the statistics of scoring goals in the second half and at the end of the match are high.

i love both teams. i just wish you a good football match, plenty of positions and an enjoyable game.


the final match i hope will be won by the glorious real madrid, the true and eternal owner of the cup. despite being far from their star-studded cast of the past, they somehow got here again. i prefer to support old and well-established football teams rather than arab and american-owned teams.


the clear favorite of the match is real madrid. psychologically they have reached an incredible point. the team, which was considered suspicious to be out of the group for a while, eliminated psg, chelsea and man city in the qualifying rounds. real madrid was officially the only obstacle for the two english teams to play in the final.
if liverpool can play their own game without getting too caught up in greed and vengeance, the match will be head-to-head.

it looks like madrid will win the cup after all.


champions league final match where liverpool will lead 1-0 and real will make 1-1 and real will win 2-1 in overtime.


in the last final match played between the two teams, the most important player of liverpool, salah, was injured and left the game and thus relieved real madrid received the cup, this match is the rematch of that match.


folks are getting gassed about real. real's midfield and heavy defenders, who can't do high tempo, are very suitable for liverpool to overcome.


like many people, i find both teams sympathetic. normally i like liverpool more, liverpool was the first foreign team jersey i bought as a kid and everybody called me torres because i was blonde. but i wasn't a striker. anyway, if i go back to the subject, it would be a very special season for real madrid to line up psg, chelsea and man city with their half-young half-veteran staff, and to add liverpool to the end of this line, for the champions league. moreover, the great statistics of our trophy gentleman, who never lost in the final, continues, frankly, i feel sad when such statistics are corrupted. even if liverpool wins, the cup will not go to the foreigner, they will have successfully completed the season as a team that has placed an embargo on all cups except the league.


although i am a manchester united sympathizer in the english league, i want liverpool to win this match, but let's face it, it is a match that creates the feeling that real madrid will take the trophy to its museum with a clear score of 3-1 without causing as much trouble as the qualifying rounds.


real madrid will win the match.
ps: a liverpool fan


liverpool first ten minutes: 1-0
min 43: 2-0
min 67: 2-1 benzema(king)
min 81: 2-2 king continue
min 90+4: 2-3 similitude pulls the plug.
everyone happy ballon d'or , golden shoes , key to madrid including all the awards go to look like and closing .


on the one hand, liverpool, which i used to be a fan of thanks to steven gerrard, on the other hand, real madrid, the greatest club in the world ever. of course, our hearts are for real madrid. it will be a perfect match.


if real madrid plays in a champions league final, the winner is clear. it doesn't matter who you meet.

we are talking about the team that electroshocked the ambassador of the league played by liverpool in the 90th minute of the semi-final within 5 minutes and went crazy.

liverpool is very good this year, which will allow us to watch an enjoyable match, otherwise the winner is already clear.


people already say liverpool wins. the opposite team is real madrid. i repeat real madrid. let the good one win


we are at the stadium in paris tonight, i hope it will be a good final like in istanbul. the match where the british hooligans made a scene in front of the eiffel tower yesterday.


i think real madrid will win 3-1.

benzema, brother, we want one last song from you.


i will watch the final with pleasure since the arab capital will not be in the final.


as benzema is in such great shape and madrid has many legs that could change the outcome, real wins the cup and benzema wins the balllon dor.


real eliminated city with a bit of ambition and a bit of luck, but it's much more difficult against liverpool. my favorite is the english.


this is the match where our brothers benzema and modric will show off.


i'm sorry women, but this match will be better than many women. we are waiting sir.


i postponed all my plans for this match.
hours left.
it will be a fun night with high ph waters.


normally, i would like liverpool to win, but the fact that real madrid's squad, which is more modest compared to previous years' squads, came to the finals and eliminated teams with more budget and more chances brought me one click closer to them.

when i see for the first time real madrid has a lower profile squad against their rivals.


the match where real madrid will take the champions league trophy to their museum for the 14th time.


i'm not a team supporter, but i want liverpool to win just because that big ramos dog did it right in the previous game.

but every time i really want someone to win, somehow the other team wins.

at the end of the match, you will see the accuracy of this entry. i hope i'm wrong :/


first of all, i think it will be a beautiful and breathtaking match. a match in which madrid is a party is unlikely to be boring. let it be a game with lots of fun, lots of goals and madrid will win, the bets come, the safes are full.


real madrid eliminated 2 of the top 3 teams of the premier league until they came to the finals, eliminated psg-the most expensive team in europe. the dude who wrote they are here due to luck or something.. you really are so stupid.


i would like to thank real madrid for not making us watch a pl match in this cl final.


real last lost in the final 41 years ago in paris.

the team they lost is liverpool itself. they will meet again in paris today.

thiago and fabinho are back. he will be very tired in real defense, who is focused, tight gegenpress, just like in the previous matches. real's biggest trump card will be to play defense and score goals with counters.

(bkz: 28 may 2022 real madrid liverpool match)


champions league final is a football organization where real madrid plays against any opponent and in the end real madrid wins.


royalty will win.


the match i'm slowly getting in the mood for. think liverpool will win the trophy

i hope liverpool won't be ahead in the last minutes.
i don't think an experienced teacher like klopp would make such a big mistake.

even if liverpool wins the match and takes the trophy, it feels like madrid will somehow lift the trophy.


the match in which liverpool fc will win their seventh uefa champions league title.

(see: seventh heaven)


looking at the final road, it's obvious who deserves the trophy... there's no need for romance...


i hope i will write #halamadrid at the end of the match.


i adore power, naturally i support real madrid.


i give liverpool 70% chance, real madrid 30% chance.

since the last match, liverpool has completely preserved its squad and has become a more experienced and stronger team, while real madrid has been losing blood day by day.

of course, the opponent is real madrid, you never know what he will do. but liverpool, which is in extreme form right now, will very likely win the cup.


the final match of two legendary teams with history.
we don't see psg and city in the finals, i'm mad with pleasure.

my heart is for liverpool to take the rematch of 2018, so they will catch milan in the number of trophies and sit in second place.


it is the final where two big european clubs, with their history, their fans and their glory, will play.


i feel like will be a game with lots of goals and is going to go overtime.


just have bet good money online on: sadio mane scores liverpool wins..


seems like there is a delay. the game is not starting on time.

a good representative image of the game.

liverpool is playing a press game mostly. real seeking counter attacks, it seems..


i am not even sure why they disqualified benzema's goal. i call bullshit on that!


the goal was disqualified because benzema was the second guy from the line. the rule is: when the goal keeper is not the last player, the last player is considered the goalie. hence, benzema's being in offside position.


the final match where i support the king's team and want them to crush liverpool.


liverpool is having a tough time as it is not liverpool at the beginning of the season.
-formless salah
-lack of striker with high finishing
-fabinho's ambiguity
- the uncertainty of thiago, who has carried the whole team alone for the last weeks and founded the liverpool game
-the effects of the narrow premier league championship and the mental and physical fatigue that has been going on for weeks

in short, liverpool's vigorous and morale are at a big disadvantage against real. there is a winner like carlo ancelotti at the head of real madrid, who saw the last ucl final defeat 41 years ago, he has been adjusting his team to the match for weeks.

klopp has a tough job but it would be nice to see a revenge match. regardless of the outcome, both teams deserve it until the end.

it reminds the spirit of football that teams with Qatari ownership like psg (see ) or arab-owned teams like manchester city (see ) play the finals of deep-rooted teams like real liverpool instead of upstart rich teams.


as long as liverpool plays its own game, it ends with the most historic score of the finals.

like 7-1 for example. i am serious.

also, the grasshopper bounced around three times.


if we are going to comment according to liverpool's last games, their job is really very difficult. real madrid's midfield may be relatively slow but i think fabinho's injury will affect things a lot for liverpool.

at the moment it seems that fabinho does not have a serious condition. salah's low form, serious attacks from aston villa, and the absence of fabinho affect things negatively. besides, i think they weren't effective enough in terms of plenty of positions in the spurs and villa matches. their biggest weapon right now is undoubtedly luis diaz. he's reducing, his intermediate passes, his speed, etc., a serious danger. on the other hand, trent has vinicius jr to meet, who himself will obviously wear out trent. i think that the ambassador of the champions league is closer to winning the cup, and in the final, a very controlled and vicious match will probably be waiting for us. whoever wins, it's a final for me that i'll be happy with.