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sociologist whose life story and everything that crosses their minds is very well known to political science students


it has a two-gram german that will screw your self-confidence. there is a corner of people who committed suicide because of max weber in the library, i should say, you have to be very careful while reading. for example, he starts a sentence, as soon as he writes the first word - most likely a compound word - he drops a comma, adds 10 subordinate clauses, separable verbs, modal verbs, and then ends the sentence with conjunctiv 2. for a moment, one finds himself saying what year are we in, i was going to go to tuzla, what am i looking for in beylikdüzü.


the title of his book is mistranslated, i think it should be "capitalist spirit and protestant morality", because this book focuses on the coexistence of these two qualities in european society and its effects. also (see: ideal type) (see: wert rational) (see: zweck rational)


contrary to popular belief, the german thinker has given much more grounding to today's sociological theories than karl marx.