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ideal world; this is the world where max richter performs music, cioran, faithful hidayet and woolf write, lars von trier porn of humanity and hitler paints. video site/watch?v=2bb0k9hgqxc


those who have caught a large seashell in their ears know that they always hear the sound of the sea and say about it. max richter also offers the serenity of death, maybe unknowingly, maybe inadina.


modern-day bach. just as yann tiersen takes a person to a fairy-tale world, so this man takes him into the halls and leaves him without a roof in storms.


two other names that those who love him should definitely look at are sylvain chauveau and peter broderick. also, with his new album called 24 postcards in full colour, he will penetrate deep into our souls on august 25th.


sometimes all you need is this guy's music. it's like you can see his music while listening to it. he gives suggestions, he tries to calm down... a warm drink in your hand, maybe a glass of wine, you've come across him... all you need is this man's* magical tale... max richter - the tartu piano