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you are very sad, you suffer from love, you write poems, you shed tears, everything is over for you, then you take one depression pill and there is no love pain or anything else, like newton's head with an apple, your brain kneaded with the importance of spiritual values for years suddenly wakes up and realizes that life is fake, or actually real.


morality is to act according to the nature of matter, not motivation. it is not to touch the fire by saying that god will protect me even if it is mevlana. is not to join the war so that i can meet god as soon as possible. because sighing, mevlana is also a materialist. the rest is politics.


what is not loving what you can do? (yes, it was very rude.) the world is very materialistic now. the whisper of those who see the rope behind the magician drowns out the noise of those who believe in miracles. well, you can't say you're wrong.


what if we are in 2015 and there are still people who think materialism is the love of money, property, property.


karl marx said that everything, including life, is a form of matter. a stream of thought that includes ontological searches and answers, which he explained in a nutshell by saying that it is not possible to talk about a concreteness and reality other than matter.


philosophy that the material world exists objectively real and independent of consciousness