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it will be here. hot prospect for the future


the baby who was the subject of the ball while posting the ad. someone sent the ready-made text for this, which forgot to change the places where the city and team name are written, ehehehe. *…nger/status/878066912936173568


as far as i've watched the scout videos, this friend has a james harden mindset. what underlies both his strengths and weaknesses is his peace of mind. he is so comfortable with the ball in his possession that he shows off his skills without feeling pressure, almost like yusuf Şimşek playing in the phone booth. when the ball is in the opponent's, he is so comfortable that he kidnaps his man and does not bother to chase after him, it is yusuf Şimşek who is chasing a man with a brisk run of 200 meters per hour. i told the man harden at first, but i gave up, as you know, yusuf Şimşek is coming to the league.


the man who said this made his team 9-21 in the ncaa. you are not dominant even in his own age group, the man who did not even get prestigious awards in the ncaa will be the mvp in the nba. last year b.hield had a great season in the ncaa, he received all the respectable awards. he wasn't in the mood as much as the man and l.ball. note: by the way, the editor at sporx, who doesn't understand the nba, is at work. in the link above, he says he will go to boston. the man made lottery in their head. at the beginning of the year, they reported that they were paying the luxury tax to the state. after all, why not tax... :)


he was selected in the most productive draft period and became the most inefficient player. if we look at those chosen behind him, players such as jayson tatum, de'aaron fox, dennis smith, donovan mitchell almost carry their teams on their shoulders this season, while fultz is taking the team back. i think he needs to ask his team for permission for a while and turn to individual training. it looks like he couldn't get over the injury. his shots are still very bad and he has agility to nothing.