maritime transport engineering

maritime transport engineering

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this is the episode i chose as a result of being influenced by the ports of call that i played when i was a kid. it is the only department that succeeds in bringing together strange and unrelated people from the country and the world. bean engineering that can be finished without difficulty and has a very comfortable job at the end.


marine; it develops work ethic, communication skills, sense of responsibility and sense of belonging, and ensures resilience in the face of difficulties. while the address world lifestyle and the pleasure of watching are the most pleasing elements of the profession, it is the attraction of high earnings. high tempo, heavy working conditions, bad weather/sea conditions, hierarchical structure, zero alcohol policy*, routine life, mental fatigue, homesickness are the other side of the coin. greetings…


(bkz: don't come guys, the end of the tunnel is in a messy place)


it is one of the results of adding "engineering" to the end of every department in our country's universities. (see: computer science engineering) (see: woodworking industrial engineering) (see: marine technology engineering) (see: see also see)


a ship's machinery is not operational engineering.