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or the star of the last tango in paris, which is known as jeanne, who is identified with her. in addition, she is a lady equipped enough to work at the french ministry of culture in the socialist period for 11 years at a high level. image


the late actor, whom i refer to marlon brando and his butter for those who wrote "he made his last tango with life" style entry about him.


french actress who played the last tango in paris with marlon brando and jack nicholson in the movie the passenger.


a confession came from the director of the movie about the famous butter scene in the last tango movie in paris. in an interview, he explained that they planned this scene with brandon and did not tell the actress maria about it. he also stated that maria hated him because of what he had done. here is that interview


according to bernardo bertolucci, maria schneider was not told about the particular scene that only butter would be used, and she wanted him to feel really humiliated, not just for the role. unfortunately, you cannot predict how traumatized the 19-year-old will be, but this excuse cannot be. if bertolucci had mentioned this detail in the script, it would either have been objected to and not used on stage, or it would have been accepted, but it would not have been as natural as he wanted, so the role would have been involved, but he would not have suffered for the rest of his life.


the actress who said "please let's talk to someone other than butter" when reminded of a certain movie and scene in one of her interviews.


actress added to a few obituaries i heard in two days with her death.. of course i will remember with marlon... the finale of the last tango, their music always makes me cry... love is treacherous and maria's innocent face is never "not love" ... love is a traitor, love is a traitor....... ..isn't art meant life, maria?


actress, born in paris in 1952. although her mother is a model, she is 1.60 meters tall and a plump, chubby-cheeked beauty as we saw in the last tango in paris. he was fired on the first day of filming, even though it was decided to star in buñuel's indefinite object of desire movie. instead, angela molina and carole bouquet were taken together. when buñuel is asked why did you buy two girls instead of one? what, he gave you an answer that tastes like my surrealist...