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"because people know how difficult it is to get to know each other, they prefer to wander blindly and only become aware of each other's presence as they collide, rather than attempting this tedious task."


(bkz: madonna in a fur coat) is the lady whose main protagonist raif sees her painting in a picture gallery and falls in love with her and gives the meaning of her life. puder painted himself in that painting. here is the name of that painting, the fur coat madonna.


while she has the qualities most men want, she is the female model that they are afraid to be with when they meet in real life. i believe that she comes out of the character of a novel and embodies in all her readers, and i can't remember the sentence she said while going to raif. -raif, i'm leaving now. but whenever you call i will come.


character who looks strong, tough and strict on the outside, but is as helpless as a little girl inside. "laugh at me once and then go!"


the character of the novel that i definitely want to be the name of the perfume. maria puder eau de toilette


my favorite novel character.. the hero of love that i always dreamed of...


the only woman i can't be mad at wearing fur. "raif, i'm leaving now. but i'll come whenever you call."