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it is an incredible event to write assembly codes for a capsule that will go to the moon in the 60s, and naturally, to achieve this risky task without a test environment, with zero margin of error. who knows what he went through in this process. it's hard to understand how hollywood, which makes ota shit movies, bypasses it.


a great person who has received the 'presidential medal of freedom' from barack obama as of now.


in his famous photograph, it was clarified by margaret hamilton herself that the pile of paper she stood next to was the source code dump, not the test outputs:…ect-code-that-s


a female scientist who first used the term "software engineer", when she was 31, who wrote the code for the apollo 11 moon landing system at nasa at the age of 31. (bkz: geek is the new hot)…file:margaret_hamilton.gif


you can read the assembly code that calculates the trigonometric function he wrote at…trigonometric-functions.


born in 1938, this lady was a scientist dealing with computers and mathematics. he prepared the user manual of apollo 11, you can see him and the manual he prepared here.


a very beautiful scientist woman.