march 12 memorandum

march 12 memorandum

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on march 12, 1971, the four commanders of the armed forces, memduh tagmac, faruk gürler, muhsin batur and celal eyiceoğlu, gave a memorandum to the demirel government of the time. demirel government resigned and technocrats government was established under nihat erim administration. let's add that muhsin batur is the father of enis batur.


some left groups, who were waiting for the revolutionary breakthrough from the army, did not react from the first day, and some even got the feeling of "i guess it's a job". alas, life will not be like that at all.


"social development in our country has exceeded the economic development. it must be restored immediately" has a general. (bkz: the voice of america)


the memorandum that resulted in the liquidation of the two groups in the army, who were fond of the memorandum, the kemalist-leftist ones... the adept source mentions it all the time, the aktuel magazine devoted quite a bit of space to it in one issue, and the action magazine also covered it... it is told that yusuf lions were used by the marchers of the 9th, and that after the liquidation, there was no one who claimed these names... like all memoranda, it is one of the shackles on our feet on the way to democratization...


it is an open cia scenario, which was also admitted by the cia president helms. the country has been taken back decades for reasons such as the continued cultivation of hashish and the closure of the airspace to us spy planes.

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