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It would not be an exaggeration to say that Luther's female presence is a delightful spectacle, with event after event and an uplifting atmosphere. The plot is not disturbing, except for the fact that Lady Marcella returns to work.



Finally, the third season of the series will be released on June 14. I have watched both seasons of this series nonstop, staying up until the morning. It's not because it is perfect, but it is one of those series that you can't stop watching once you start. I had given up hope for the third season, but now I am filled with anticipation to see which direction Marcella will take.



I love the series Marcella. In my opinion, if Marcella had hired a caretaker when her baby was in a crying crisis, the tragedy of her unconsciously drowning her baby would not have happened. Fortunately, in the end, Marcella was able to make the right decision and hire a caretaker. That's my evaluation of the series.



Although it was not praised or even heard, it is an English series that I took a risk and finished 2 seasons in one breath. I looked into Marcella's tired eyes and pityed.


--- spoilers ---
edward, why are you so mean, my son?
--- spoilers ---



A detective drama approved by itv for 8 episodes. the creator of the series is hans rosenfeldt, who is also the creator of bron/broen. We'll be able to watch it somewhere in 2016.


I have a feeling that these places will be worth quite a bit.

edit: could not be valued.



Many viewers of the series Lost have become accustomed to living life at a fast pace, reading and watching multiple branches, people, links, and hyperlinks. Those who do not watch the two seasons to the end will not understand what is going on. They have been hooked up to the next episode step by step and watched two seasons. At the end, someone said, "Baby, maybe you don't realize, the story is just beginning!" I hope they don't regret it in the next seasons. Although it wouldn't be bad if it ended here, the story continues. I wrote this without spoilers, good job!



I am also glad that I am not the only one who finds the second season finale of the detective series, which I watch with pleasure, meaningless.

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