maple syrup

maple syrup

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you can easily find polonaise food at the uğur market and polonaise food stores in the macrocenter in akmerkez and the canyon, as well as in the İstinye park mall. but the price ranges from 29 to 32 ytl. (see: oh)


when you buy it from the super market in america, unless there is a phrase like "real maple syrup" on it, what you buy is a disgusting imitation product made with high fructose corn syrup and does not taste like the real thing. light syrups are also lies of course. anyone who eats pancakes, or is curious about the syrup, should at least pay an extra few dollars and get real maple syrup once.


the syrup i'm envious of when i see it on tv shows, i went to the macrocenter and saw that it was 56 liras, saying i'd give it a try. i will eat alexander 1.5 for that money 3 times, i


wow, people always eat pancakes at home. their grandmother is definitely making supangle at home. when you say pancakes or pouring, it is syrup that is not spread.


made of maple tree, which is the symbol of the united states of canada, this company is especially popular with the legendary duo* that it formed with pancakes. no matter what time or day of the day it is*, a mold of delicious butter to be placed on pancakes like 10+ pomegranate fried $ and 1 lt to be brushed on. around a maple syrup, fire$ will scatter from people's eyes*, and it will climb a flat wall like a spidey. bon appetit.