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manchester orchestra

Like their previous album, they have made their new album simple math available for free to listen to on the internet.
And for now, I am writing as someone who has only listened to the album once. It's an excellent album. It is one of the rare works that I am happy to listen to during the year.

I say hello.


manchester orchestra

Listening to a fun band in the dark at night can be enjoyable.


manchester orchestra

I have listened to the silence a few times, but it did not capture my attention. I am not sure if it is related to my current mood, but I have been stuck on this particular piece for a few days. I regret not discovering this band sooner, as I have been an avid indie listener for years. Furthermore, their lead singer, Andy Hull, has an impressive vocal tone.


manchester orchestra

It is understood from the entries that the masterpieces named the silence were resurrected due to the youtube algorithm, it was good and beautiful.

Let's listen to the dictionary. Such men are like strong winds that wash away the dark clouds that loom over us on days like these.

it is also customary, here you go: the silence - manchester orchestra


manchester orchestra

I put 100 grams of seeds in the pocket of my progressive indie rock pants five years ago, and I take them out occasionally when I wear the pants. It's nice.


manchester orchestra

See the simple math.


manchester orchestra

What are you all doing? Let me observe you as if it were a fond memory. Let me cherish you above all the sorrow. Let me open my eyes and be thankful that I am here.


manchester orchestra

I am surprised that this song has not been mentioned, as it is from a very high-quality indie rock band.

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