man without girlfriend

man without girlfriend

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he's the motherfucking son of a bitch. (see: enough, don't shoot anymore, the man is dead) neither his asociality, nor his stupidity, nor his horniness, nor his idle idleness. maybe he's not slow enough to try to pick up whoever comes in front of him by just saying he's my lover and he's made of mud...


there are many in the country. because in this country, the eyes of the opposite sex are high, they do not like their suitor easily. he already thinks that he is above the level he is. either she befriends a man with higher norms she thinks she deserves, or she prefers solitude. therefore he is alone, leaving the opposite sex alone. (when he reaches 30, he doesn't care, but he throws 3.5)


even if he is living the consequences of his own choices, he always feels lonely every weekend.


i come across these a lot at my new job. in the first days, i was asking "good guys, why are they alone", now i'm starting to say "they are alone because decent kids". as i scrutinized my own relationship history, i realized that i never left the bastards alone.


sometimes it is a man whose heart has been badly broken by someone and who no longer trusts, believes, or cares about anyone. she doesn't want to be with anyone, because it's not worth getting stab wounds again for anyone.


it is a man who understands that love is not a feeling connected to the woman he is interested in, but a temporary state of emptiness that occurs due to the chemical change in the body. he is a kind of honorary scientist. does not seek love. she is a woman he is looking for, with whom he will be happy, without caprice, who does not get moisture from his farts, who he will carry on his back and carry on the streets.


he has lost his faith in himself, he can't bear to hear other lies or to tell a lie because i'm happy, he knows that he will not be loved, he cannot be loved