man turning the corner

man turning the corner

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a comedy film that did not exclude the social mobility at the time it was filmed (example: the strike of the bee biscuit factory), shot in the area known as the ball field of the time, which is currently the headquarters of the the trade bank, in zengintepe.


the finale of the movie was broadcast on the giant screen on may 1 in taksim and made everyone smile a little more.


the uncensored version of this movie can be watched on video site. should be watched and watched. it is one of the most "full" films in the history of the cinema. note: even while writing this entry, it makes me think that video site may be closed again, maybe even just for this reason..


--- spoiler --- in the final scene, where adem finds himself among the walkers, the march 1 march is playing in the background. the marching workers shout the slogan of freedom to the working class party. on the banners in their hands, it is clearly seen that there is no passage to fascism. ---